Prescription Policy - PLEASE READ

Prescription Policy

          Our primary mission is to provide you with the best possible healthcare.  With regard to written prescriptions and refills, our policy is designed to adhere to the highest standards of medical care while keeping in mind the importance or convenience.  Please understand that although we prescribe medications to improve your health, all drugs carry risks.  Our responsibility to you as a patient is to monitor your response to prescribed medications while minimizing risk whenever possible.  Therefore, each written prescription will include the amount of medication (plus refills) that we judge to be safe, reasonable, and medically prudent.  Any refills beyond the originally prescribed amount will require an office visit.  Long-term medication will be prescribed on a monitored long-term schedule, and short-term or higher risk medications will be more restricted.

          This policy is for your safety.  The length of each course of medication authorized will be made according to individual medical situations and not solely by protocol.

          Finally, Narcotics requiring Triplicate prescriptions and controlled stimulants for ADD/ADHD MUST be picked up at the office.  We request you give us 48 hours notice for such refills.

          We sincerely hope you understand the importance of maintaining strict control over potentially dangerous medications, and appreciate your compliance with this policy.